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Edwardian / Victorian / Gable Fronted / Lean To / P Shape

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Grey Conservatory
Grey Conservatory Inside
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Edwardian Conservatory

The Victorian is the most popular style. It features a bay front that gives a curved shape resulting in a more classial appearance.


The Edwardian is a flat fronted style that offers excellent use of floor space due to the square or rectangular internal shape. Each side of the roof slopes back to the centre resulting in a contemporary style that suits most properties.


The Lean To is a simple and effective design giving a clean and uncomplicated look like a Meditterranean sun-room. Traditional or Contemporary this style is ideal for properties with limited space under the eaves or an ackward area in which to fit a conservatory as the roof pitch is variable.


The Gable Fronted has a high roof slope which adds a sense of granduer to any home. Its gives the same floor space as the Edwardian and due to the front panel of the roof remaining upright creates a feeling of great height within the conservatory.


The P Shape is called so, due to its shape when viewed above. It combines a Victorian and Lean To style in one.


Finish options available for ALL STYLES


  • Variety of roof finishes including glass and polycarbonate.

  • White, Rosewood and other colour options.

  • Fully glazed designs with glass or varied dwarf wall heights.

  • Decorative glass options - fanlights.

Gable Fronted

Whatever style you choose, we will design a conservatory to personally suit your property and budget.